Wednesday, 13 March 2013

5 reasons why wearing name badges really works

At Best Badges we have been supplying name badges for many years. Ever popular, here are 5 of the biggest reasons that organisations and companies use name badges.

1. Approachability

Name badges don’t need to actually have the words “I’m Here to Help” printed on them. Regardless of the design, they say this loud and clear just by being worn!

Think about it from a customer point of view. If your employees or members are proudly wearing name badges, they are instantly identified as being available to help. Customers are more likely to ask questions and seek advice from people wearing name badges, because the badge immediately signals that the person is there to offer assistance.

2. Professionalism

If your company or organisation does not use a formal uniform, a simple name badge is a great way to ensure that each employee or member still gives a high level of professionalism in appearance.

Wearing a name badge effectively communicates that you are serious about your role, and take pride in your position within the organisation.

3. Inclusion

Wearing name badges is actually more than just about your customers or service users. It is also about having an inclusive ethos about your organisation. If you want your employees to feel as though they are a real part of your organisation and to be proud of their affiliation, name badges are a brilliant solution.

4. Branding

Companies go to enormous expense in managing their corporate branding, and to control and disseminate a particular image of that brand.

Name badges are a key aspect of the branding exercise, because they are worn on the very front line of the customer facing function. There is almost no other customer facing placement of branding to compare to the badges worn by representatives of your organisation, because the positioning is so much to the forefront.

5. Safety

The most basic and practical advantages of name badges is often overlooked. They actually have a very direct safety benefit in the workplace.

In the case of a problem (or a genuine emergency) it is an advantage if it is easy to quickly identify responsible individuals. Especially in an environment which mixes customers with employees, it is important for people to know who to approach in the event of an incident.

Additionally from a security point of view name badges can help identify non-official visitors from authorised members of staff.

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